Tuesday, 24 February 2015


coat, & other stories // top and trousers, H&M // trainers, adidas stan smiths

Sorry about missing this weeks #thegridldn post, with uni deadlines and interning at London Fashion Week I've been pretty rushed off my feet and haven't had time to scour the web for the usual round up of the best picks for the week. But next week it will be back up and running woo! Instead here's an outfit post to make up for it:

Having tried to track down a faux fur coat for a while now I was so proud of myself when I found this one in the & Other Stories sale for only £50 from something mad like £180. Something about a hat & faux fur jacket combo exudes sass, a term I have no trouble embracing! Plus, whenever I wear this hat I think of that perfect Phoebe Lettice-Thompson moment in MIC when she 'blocks out the haters' by twisting the brim of her enormous summer hat to cover her face while she rolls her eyes in season 6 ep 2 (no idea what I'm talking about/not a made in chelsea fan? cool right moving on).

rd x 


  1. This outfit is soo perfect and chic, the trousers are my favourite piece! You suit the hat so much, probably don't need to 'block out the haters' as much a Phoebe did though, cos she had a lot of them ahha!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. thank you! Haha true she did manage to make a lot enemies x

  2. this outfit <3


  3. This look is simply amazing! I'm so inlove with these pants!!



  4. So slick, love this x