Sunday, 15 February 2015


Top from left to right:

Leather Backpack, £79
Such a simple design made in to an easy everyday yet chic backpack. I also really like the fact that there is a top handle allowing some versatility into how you wear it.

Pitch Point Mule, £65
I tried this on in Office and the people having a conversation nearby stopped to ask me where my lovely shoes were from; if thats not a sign to buy these then I don't know what is! Pair these with high waisted denim for a urban chic look.

Helena knitted skirt, £25
Love this ribbed figure hugging pencil skirt. Tuck shirts in to it or pair it with a crop top, such a versatile piece for your wardrobe.

Little Gold Crown Necklace, £52
A cute necklace perfect on its own or layered up with other trinket-styled necklaces. This would also make a lovely present for the perfect princess.

Conflict, Time, Photography - Tate Modern: Exhibition Adult £14.50 (without donation £13.10) Concession £12.50 (without donation £11.30)
From all the galleries I've visited this month this exhibition at the Tate is by far the most captivating. 'From the seconds after a bomb is detonated to a former scene of battle years after a war has ended, this moving exhibition focuses on the passing of time, tracing a diverse and poignant journey through over 150 years of conflict around the world, since the invention of photography.' The exhibition provides a great lesson in world culture as well as photography skills.

The Marble Doubleback Earrings, $75
These earrings are in my favourite marble pattern and can be worn with both silver and gold jewellery - win win situation.

Dress with Tie Collar, £69
This simple dress with a neck tie style collar is a lovely addition to your wardrobe being great for work, events or simply brunch.

Don't Look Back Jacket£45
Cool slogan on the back of this jacket letting all those people who you left behind know that you're not looking back, sass points all round.

Adidas City London Cropped Tee in White, £22
Adidas are THE sports brand to be in at the moment what with their great Adidas originals campaign and all round coolness. This vibrant tee can be worn whilst training, on a chill Sunday or even tuck it in to a pencil skirt and add heels for a more sophisticated outfit.

Enjoy your week

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  1. Love your blog !
    I recently ordered that Adidas t-shirt on for only 30€ ! But it was in black & white. I love it :)

    And I also ordered those crackled earrings on AliExpress for only... $1,90 ! And it's exacly the same ! I do understand how dare she sells those plastic earrings at $75 ! It's daylight robbery, lol. If you're interesting to buy them, I can give you the link where I ordered them :) There are different colors ;)

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.