Wednesday, 10 September 2014


So I've decided to launch a new feature to my blog called the 'edits'. Every so often I will choose an item whether it's an edit of popcorn brands, skiing centres (random?!) or in this case leather jackets and pick the best ones out at the moment. Inspiration for this post came from a few people asking where my own leather jacket was from worn on my instagram, @rheadillon, which is an old one from Topshop Boutique 2 years ago. Since that answer clearly doesn't solve anyone's problems here is my coveted list of the best out at the mo! 
Now, leather jackets are quite expensive, I saved up for aaaaaaagess for mine, but it truly is money well spent because they last so long and don't even try and deny their fashion credibility! 
EVERY SEASON calls for a leather jacket, but especially A/W so there is no better time than the present. 

Top from l to r 
(click the bold brand name for link)
1. ASOS Leather Look Jacket with Structured Shoulder, £65
2. All Saints Ayers Leather Biker Jacket, £358 
3. ZARA Leather Biker Jacket, £159
4. Topshop Belted Leather Biker Jacket, £185 
5. River Island Dark Red Zip Trim Leather Biker Jacket, £130
6. French Connection Jet Leather Jacket, £275


  1. I looove leather jackets! the ones you picked are lovely - especially the red one! xx

  2. I want a leather jacket so bad. Love that one for All Saints. You have some beautiful picks here hun

    Hannah xxx

  3. That Zara biker jacket is beautiful.