Saturday, 16 August 2014


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This week's blogpost is based on going off to university as students received their A level results on Thursday. Luckily, Thursday wasn't as stressful for me as it was for my friends because I already have an offer for Central Saint Martins to study a Foundation Course in Art & Design this September. Phew! However, I did apply to study English starting 2015 and I can happily say that I got a place at Newcastle University and cannot wait! 
Well done to everyone who received their uni places and got their grades, and good luck! 

NUS Extra Student Discount Card, From £12 for 12 Months
When it comes to funds, students are renowned for needing all the help we can get. So why not enjoy some perks with this discount card. Brands involved include Apple, Topshop, National Express, Spotify, Alton Towers and many more! 

Alfie Two Small Backpack, £200
Having seen the collection at their launch event, I want every item! Plus this brand are run and owned by the nicest family. Every time I take out my rucksack I fall in love with it, knowing it was a great investment that will probably last longer than I will!

Lindon Brogue Detail Leather Loafers, £75
My mum always told me to buy good shoes that will last rather than getting cheap ones that you will have to change every two minutes costing you more money in the long run AND more importantly good shoes support your feet better blah blah. Well, here are some good classic shoes to go with any outfit, also available in black! Thank mum later!

Holloway Road Car Boot Sale, Free Entry. Open 8am-4pm Sat; 10am-2.30pm Sun
This is hailed as one of London's best car boot sales. Plus, given its proximity to both London Metropolitan University and City and Islington College, some stalls offer students a discount of up to 20 per cent. Despite this, prices are still reasonable. Whether you are looking to declutter for a fresh start, or wanting to pick up some cheap pieces give this car boot a go.

Grace Selwyn Watch, £179
Daniel Wellington's new Grace Collection will help you arrive on time looking effortlessly elegant. 

John Lewis' University Essentials Checklist, Free for all!
Let's face it, John Lewis can always be trusted. And how kind of them to create a list so you won't forget a thing!

Belgravia Pastel Pink Heritage Viking Ladies Bike, £239.99
For getting to those lectures quicker yet in a ladylike fashion!

Harvard Law Just Kidding Hoodie, £17.22 
Because whether you're going to a Russell Group/Ivy League university or your local college, enjoying your time there is the most important thing! 

Phone Purse, £2.52
All you need on a night out is your phone (for Snapchat stories), keys (to get in safely) and money (for drinks of course!) 


  1. I really like the small backpack! Oh and by the way: I really love the concept of your blog!

    1. Thank you that means a lot! And I can't wait to start using the bag for university, it's the perfect size xx

  2. I love DW watches, they´re so simple and beautiful!